OBOT Dash Cam 010


OBOT Dash Cam 010 is a small HD digital camera that permanently and easily monitors your driving.

Easy to install and use, unattended it turns itself on and off, records everything it sees from the dashboard of the car in high definition video with audio that will protect you from false witnesses in case of accidents.

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This small compact HD camcorder uses an SD card as a storage device, consumes very little power, and can record perfect video images with great detail.

High resolution recording up to 1920 × 1080 pixels in FULL HD images with Wide Dynamic range technology for best contrast and can also take 3 Megapixel photos.

Video can be transferred directly to a HDMI TV with a cable for high resolution viewing.

In addition to monitoring your driving in case of an accident, it is proof of your good driving against reckless third parties who may try to blame innocent drivers of the consequences of their bad behaviours.

Additional information

Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 70 × 80 × 90 cm
Camera Resolution

1920x1080P FULL HD high quality resolution (3MP)
3 levels of resolution to choose from in the recording process.
30/60 fps for smooth video images


2.7-inch LCD screen that allows viewing with filming simultaneously.

Camera Lens

120º ultra wide angle lens, Wide Dynamic technolog

Camera Zoom

4x digital zoom, with a width of focus between 12 cm and an unlimited distance

Video Compression

H.264 video compression technology.


Integrated GPS, track and traffic speed log (optional)

Data collection and storage

G-sensor to record sensor data and display it in real time on the player.
High degree of file protection, even during the recording process: if the power supply is suddenly interrupted or the camcorder is damaged, the video files will be intact.
Continuous recording without interruptions; no data will be lost.
Automatic video recording.
When you start the car, the video recording function starts.
Automatic recording cycles, with the possibility of recording the recording time of each file.
Viewing the video at the same time as driving recording.
Possibility of instant playback.
Date and time reminder: no need to re-set at power on.
Setting the recording time: end recording when the specified period of time runs out.
Maximum recording capacity 32 GB.


Compatible with HDMI high quality video transmission systems.

Anchoring system

Suction cup holding device for car; it can be adjusted and used as required.

Power supply

USB charging.
Possibility of using the car's cigarette lighter socket as a power supply to record while driving.