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Specialists in Providing Talent for Information Technology Projects Worldwide.

Information Technology Company

We generate flexible and mutually beneficial relationships between companies and people.
Our network is not just for people looking for employment, it is for anyone who wants to know where they are headed and the best path to follow. When we connect companies with candidates, we do it from the viewpoint of their common future objectives and benefits.
Success in these relationships contributes to the efficiency of the business processes and the team welfare and growth.

Each step defines the career of a professional. However, it is common to find people who make their decisions thinking in the short term. dynadata help design the longer term best path with each Information Technology professional.

We get it right

We match talent and opportunities thanks to processes based on our extensive inhouse knowledge and experience, together with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence tools. Our parent company Dynatec has over 40 years as an engineering outsourcing company in Spain.

We adapt

We respond according to the project’s nature, its technical, geographic and planning peculiarities. We cover from the initial approach, all the way to the implementation of an Information Technology project.

We are experts

For the last 40 years, our parent company Dynatec has contributed to the success of hundreds of technical projects through selection of the best professionals and consultants.

We anticipate

Thanks to the individual judgement and collective intelligence of our professionals and our 40 years of experience in outsourcing, we live up to any current challenge

High commitment

We create long-term relationships with our client companies and candidates. This is the only way to understand and target the same objectives for mutual benefit.

 We diversify

We cover emerging, new and conventional industry sectors, today our group of companies manages almost 200 professionals in a wide variety of projects, solving technical challenges within peak workloads in the petrochemical, energy, industrial, information technology, automotive, and chemical industries

Our references in engineering projects

Our best introduction is the confidence achieved by the high level of commitment devoted into each engineering and information technology project.

Trajectory as an engineering company:

The Foundation

The 80's

In 1974 an American engineer, Burton Novack, founded Dynatec S.A. From the start, the company stands out for applying innovative methodologies within the Spanish engineering sector and quickly becomes the preferred subcontractor of the North American giant Bechtel Corporation. Dynatec is quality reference in the nuclear power plants engineering sector.

At the same time, together with his son Jim Novack, dynadata begins importing IBM PC-compatible computers, as well as Kaypro portable computer and MSX game consoles.



The 90's

Dynatec is consolidated as a company, has offices in Spain and the US, exceeds 300 employees and has more than 30 customers worldwide. Thanks to the recognition achieved in the industrial and energy engineering sectors, it participates in projects such as the FORD Engine Plant, the SKF Bearing Factory and the General Hospital of Catalonia.

As a subcontractor for Philco-FORD, Dynatec provides highly-qualified personnel for the installation of the advanced masers for NASA´s Deep Space 300 foot antenna at Robledo de Chavela near Madrid, one of only 3 in the world.


The innovation

The 2000s

We face this century of changes with the experience accumulated in cutting-edge international projects and Dynatec’s spirit of transformation and adaptation. Jim Novack joins the company to further his father Burton´s vision by moderning the company. Today´s technology enhances our experience and allows us to further adapt our solutions to the challenges of multinational corporations and the expectations of specialized professionals.

dynadata Candidates

Today it can be a good day.

Grab control of your professional life and achieve your goals as an IT expert.

dynadata Companies

Find key talent

Tell us what you need for your digitalization* projects and we find the people who will take your challenges as their own.

*What is difference between digitization and digitalization?
If digitization is a conversion of data and processes, digitalization is a transformation. More than just making existing data digital, digitalization embraces the ability of digital technology to collect data, establish trends and make better business decisions.

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