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A powerful business starts with a great team

We find people who will make your challenges their own.

Today the true potential of a candidate is not only measured by their training or experience, the industry confronts us with disruptive change and innovation challenges. This is why the best talent is fundamental for business survival.

We are here to listen to you

Find key talent

Thanks to the combination of our experience and our Artificial Intelligence tools we search for, find and present the professionals with the highest match.

Improves the ability to attract talent

We measure your company’s ability to attract and incorporate talent to your ranks, motivate their development and retain teams to avoid costly churn.

Support your human resources team

We reinforce the human resource functions with your company. We have the highest level of commitment in meeting objectives in a timely manner and taking the best care of key talent at hiring time, onboarding and outplacement.

Shape and build loyalty to your teams

Companies that prepare their teams for continuous learning have a competitive advantage in the global economy. We have a network of trainers in key areas of technical expertise and soft skills.

Encuentra al talento clave

Atraemos y buscamos a profesionales con un alto nivel de coincidencia, gracias a la combinación de nuestra experiencia y nuestra inteligencia digital.

Apoya a tu equipo de recursos humanos

Reforzamos sus funciones. Tenemos el más alto nivel de compromiso a la hora de cumplir los objetivos en el tiempo justo y cuidar al talento, en el momento de la contratación y posterior a ella.

Forma y fideliza a tus equipos

Las empresas que preparan a sus equipos para el aprendizaje continuo tienen una ventaja competitiva en la economía global. Contamos con una red de formadores en áreas de especialización y habilidades blandas.

Mejora la capacidad para atraer el talento

Medimos la habilidad de tu compañía para atraer e incorporar talento, motivar su desarrollo y retener a los equipos.

Frequently asked questions

Can you help me find professionals of any level?

Yes. We provide support to Information Technology projects with personnel of any discipline and level required by the client. Let us know what your needs are and we will gladly provide you with possible talent solutions.

Find talent

Is there a cost?

The outsourcing and personnel selection services at dynadata are based on a success-only fee. This ensures there is no cost to you if we do not meet or exceed your demands. Please contact us to receive more information on how to obtain services for your talent selection needs by using our platform and get quotes of our guaranteed success-only fee pricing.

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Can I solve my global talent needs?

Yes. We have services that fully cover the requirements of entire departments and their related clients. The services dynadata highly qualified personnel provides are very flexible and we are equipped to cover an unlimited global demand. We can either cover projects with unknown or long timeframes or staff those which for concrete, short or limited time frame services with a limited life span and a fixed expiration date. This is the huge benefit of Outsourcing.

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How can I access training or mentoring for my staff?

There is no better way to keep a workforce satisfied than by offering them interesting services, such as training and mentoring, to further develop their professional careers. dynadata offers a mentoring service provided by experts and specialists in specific topics that will help your employees develop their professional profiles while it will also make them feel valued by their company.
You can request information about our Mentoring Program here:

Ask for information

How does dynadata support my HR department?

We consider essential that each company has a Human Resource department which ensures the well-being and continuing development of its workforce. dynadata can identify and help in the hiring of the best staff that companies require for their projects and thus reduce the workload of their own Human Resources departments

Find talent

We are here to listen to you

Find the talent which you need now.

Tell us what you need. We love challenges and won´t rest until we provide you with solutions.

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